• Psychic Entertainment

    Add a touch of heavenly magic to your next party. Our psychic readers are professionals with a fine blend of skill, intuition and experience. Always positive, they will astound, entertain and enlighten your clients and guests with their insight into personality, relationships, career and goals. Dressed in sparkly costume or discreet business attire, we can make an important contribution to the success of your next gathering.
  • Astrology

    Our Astrologers will reveal the secrets of love, career and money according to your stars.
  • Tarot

    The cards have the answers. Ask a question and the universe will bring you insightful information.
  • Palmistry

    Our Palmists will give you your life message as revealed through the lines in your hand.
  • Handwriting Analyst

    Your script is your creation and reveals who you are. Let our graphologists decipher your character.
  • Past Lives

    Who were you in a past life and why did you choose that lifetime? Knowledge is power!
  • Crystal Ball Reader

    This is the eye of the psychic. Let our readers see your future in the crystal.
  • Psychometry

    The objects you keep close to you carry your energy and reveal your past, present and future.
  • Tea Leaf Reading

    Turn the teacup upside down and see the picture that tells your story.
  • Animal Communicator

    What are you pets trying to tell you? Bring a picture and find out.

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