• Mark Reid - Body Painter

    Give him an idea and he’ll turn it into a living, breathing masterpiece! Mark is an internationally acclaimed Body Painter and the winner of the "Best Over All" International Face and Body Artist in Orlando, Florida for three years in a row.

  • Shan Ichiyanagi --The Ancient Art of Candy Sculpture

    Shan Ichiyanagi's work is part of an ancient Oriental folk art -- part sculpture, part entertainment. Before your guests' eyes, he takes only 4-5 minutes to make a masterpiece and a souvenir out of spun sugar. Shan has performed for President George Bush, Jane Fonda and Michael Jackson to name a few.

    "We applaud you for your talented contributions to the entertainment and happiness of our Disneyland guests!" -     Cardon Walker, President of Disney Productions

  • Gene Jones: Man of Many Faces

    The Roast: Custom-design a roast for a birthday, anniversary or any celebration.

    Diamond Jim: With a portable blackjack table, Diamond Jim passes out money and deals three or four hands of cards with lightning speed.

    Trivia: Gene challenges your guests to come up with the answers to a variety of intellectual, humorous and nostalgic subjects.

    Paparazzi: Greet your guests as they step from their cars with four paparazzi, real flash cameras, and sweeping Hollywood-like illuminations. Make your guests feel like stars!

  • Hou–Tien Cheng - Image Creation At Its Finest!

    Hou-Tien is a performer and master of the ancient art of Chinese Paper Cutting. You have to see his magical fingers to understand his incredible skill that he learned initially from his grandmother. He is the author of three books: Chinese New Year, Six Chinese Brothers and Scissors Cutting for Beginners.

    "His skill and artistry are exceptional". - American Museum of Natural History, New York

  • VeryWendy

    VeryWendy is a performance artist. Drawing on a background of fashion illustration, design and marketing, VeryWendy’s art is unique, stylish and contemporary. If you’re looking to repackage your product or just create exciting art for a fashion or personal event, VeryWendy will deliver!

    VeryWendy’s Client List includes: W Magazine, Macy’s, Bloomingdales & Salvatore Ferragamo.

  • Aura Reading

    Offer your guests insight into their health and happiness! Have an aura picture taken, interpreted, and put in a frame to be taken home as a souvenir with your name or business logo on it.

    Each of us is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field called an Aura. The shape and color of this field changes as our state of mind and body changes. An Aura picture will show the dominant color as well as the other multi-colored frequencies.

    "I was a skeptic, but to my surprise, I found it is amazingly helpful."- John F. Sales manager NYC

  • Robostilts - Interstellar Entertainment

    Imagine as many as six beings from another planet, half man, half machine, a whole lot of fun, and over ten feet tall. Imagine ROBOSTILTS! Moving through crowds with an amplified electronic voice modulating system, the sound effects along with their amazing acrobatic stilt walking routines are unforgettable.

    International Sightings: America Online 8.0 Launch, “The Today Show”,“The Late Show” with David Letterman, and a special engagement in Kuala Lumpur for the Prime Minister of Malaysia

  • Ken Sprano - The Yo-Yo Man

    Ken Sprano combines not one but three art forms to create a unique entertainment experience. Imagine Origami, Magic and outrageous Yo-Yo tricks! Then for further international flavor add Juggling, Asian Dancing Sticks, Japanese Kendoma, and the Chinese Kouen gen. But that's not all! For a little old fashion fun add Spinning Plates, and the old pea-under-the-shell game combined with the three card monte!

    "While providing an extra special experience to all of our guests, your participation promoted the proud tradition of the arts in Connecticut. Thank you very much!". - William A. O'Neil, Governor of Connecticut

  • Lisa Lou - Circus Arts

    Lisa Lou is a phenomenon. Her circus skills include Stilt Walking/Dancing, Rolling Globes, Plate Spinning, Juggling, Slack Rope, Knife Throwing, Single Trapeze, Rope Spinning, Balloon Sculpture, Mime, and Penny Farthing Bike. She is fluent in both French and American Sign Language and a graduate of Brandeis University and Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

    She has appeared on "All My Children", MTV and the Maury Povich Show. Her clients include The Discovery Channel and the Showboat Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City.

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