• Gerard Senehi- The Experimentalist

    Gerard Senehi is the talk of the corporate and private party circuit. His act — bending wineglasses and making cigarettes float (among other unexplainable feats)— amazes even the most jaded New Yorkers. He is a master at mindreading and telepathy, and the audience often participates in his impossible feats.

    "Months later, we still get phone calls about Gerard. Our guests were so blown away by his mental powers." -    American Museum of Natural History (NYC)


  • Steve Cohen- The Millionaire’s Magician

    Steve Cohen has performed for David Rockefeller, Jack Welch, and Michael Bloomberg, to name a few. His card tricks alone would have him banned from every casino on the planet, not to mention his mindreading abilities! Steve's magic is classy & memorable.

    "To describe its content as 'magic tricks' would be akin to saying Mozart had a few catchy tunes." -     The London Times

  • Ryan Oakes - Conjuror/Magician/Mentalist

    Ryan is one of the most accomplished young magicians performing in the United States. The youngest person ever to win First Place at the Society of American Magicians' in 1990, he’s gone on to perform in literally 1000s of events. He starred in "The Real Hustle" on the truTV network in 2008.

    "He dazzled the guests." -    The New York Times

    Watch "The Real Hustle" staring Ryan Oakes, on truTV!

  • Ehud Segev - The Mentalizer

    Not a Magic Show -- even though you might think it’s real magic. Not a Uri Geller Lecture -- even though spoons may bend & forks may break. Not a Comedy Show -- though you will laugh like a child!; This is NOT an ordinary show!

    "Ehud has a mastery of whimsical illusions and the gift of a talented performer".
    - Sharon F., Director of "Stars at Bedtime", Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYC


  • Jorge Blass - Magician

    Jorge Blass has had a magical career. At only 19, Prince Rainer presented him the “THE GOLDEN MAGIC WAND” and the rest is history...

    "As a fan of close up magic I have seen some mindboggling tricks, but Jorge is the real king of the deck - and an ace!!! His magic is totally baffling and extraordinary. He will become a major star in America! Ole!!" -    Robin Leach, Star of Life Styles of the Rich and Famous

  • Mark Mitton - Magician

    Mark Mitton has been delighting audiences nationwide and in Europe for years. Mark combines superior magic skills with a disarmingly gracious and humorous style. He is absolutely contagious. Clients like Citbank, Merrill Lynch and Wachovia can never get enough of him.

    "Mark is my favorite magician."-    Greg Maddux, the all-star pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.

  • JB Benn - Man of Mystery

    Benn is the darling of New York's rich-and-not-easily-amused, including Julia Roberts, Conan O’Brien, and Denzel Washington. A master at the ancient art form of magic, he will astound your guests with his mind-altering illusions.

  • Joan Du Kore - Magician

    Joan Du Kore is the life of the party, a master of up close magic as well as the stage show. Just wait ‘til you see what thrills await you in her bag of tricks! Not only does she perform in English, but she also entertains in Japanese! Her elegant stage presence makes her a regular at the Venetian in Vegas and the winner of the "Outstanding Newcomer Award" from Magician's Alliance.

  • Magic Marc - Magician

    Since 1985, Marc has performed hundreds of shows, each filled with Magic, Mind Reading, Comedy and Audience Participation. All in good, clean fun! Marc appeals to both young and old alike!

    "We use Marc every year! He is the best magician that I have ever seen and our customers always love him!"       - Lori, from Sikorsky (09/2008)

  • Torkova - Magician and Mentalist

    "My goal is to help make your event an outstanding success."

    Torkova makes your guests the star of the show. His hilarious feats entertain and his mind-defying acts mystify. Torkova is a must for your next party.

    "Great show … loved it all!" -   Dustin Hoffman, Academy Award Winning Actor.

  • Tim Conover - Mentalist

    More than a versatile, experienced performer, Tim is a powerful corporate spokesman! Trade shows, conferences, sales meetings, banquets, seminars, and conventions are all miraculously transformed into memorable and inspirational events.

    "Year after year, you continue to remain an integral component in our trade show strategy. It works!" -    Masaki Iwasaki, Vice President & General Manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

  • Michael Blaine - Hypnotist

    See your friends and family become Elvis, Lady Gaga, or Chris Rock! Michael Blaine is a dynamic Stage Hypnotist who has hypnotized countless individuals throughout the country. You will be delighted as you see your guests allow themselves to go under his amazing control.

    "….wonderful show…"       - HONDA of America Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Bob Friedhoffer - Corporate Conjurer, Author, Scientist, Magician

    Bob Friedhoffer combines science and magic in a unique an entertaining way for schools, museums, and libraries around the country.

    "It was truly unforgettable to experience your performance yesterday evening" – Richard Ernst, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1991

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